3 Reasons to consider a "First Look" for your Wedding Day

You may have heard the term “First Look” while browsing Pinterest for your Wedding planning. Do you know what it is? We always ask our Brides & Grooms if they are considering this during our discussions before their wedding day. Some know exactly one way or the other, and some are like “What’s a First look???” A “first look” is when the Bride & Groom see each other prior to the Wedding Ceremony. Why? Well there are a number of reasons the Bride & Groom would consider this option, versus the traditional “Groom seeing the Bride for the first time when she’s coming down the aisle.”

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Thank you, next...

We just wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2018, which was our busiest year to date. We simply could not have experienced the amazing growth of our Photography business if it weren’t for our awesome clients!

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Brittany + Craig Wedding, Liberty Mountain Resort

Brittany & Craig’s provided many “Firsts” for our Wedding Photography business this year:
~ They were our First FaceTime consultation (because they were our First clients from Virginia.)
~ They were our First out of State Engagement Session
(and Second furthest distance traveled for a session.)
~ But the most memorable First was that they were our First “Snow Wedding”. And boy did they hit
this one out of the Park!

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Jen and Laramie Engagement Session

It’s been quite a while since our last blog post, so we thought we would re-start our blogging by featuring one of our recent Engagement Sessions. We include a complimentary Engagement Session with every Wedding Collection we offer. We typically schedule at a location that may have a special meaning to the Bride and Groom, or sometimes we just find a mutually convenient location that features the “background” the clients are looking for.

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Melissa & Ryan Wedding, Grantville, PA

Where do we start with Melissa & Ryan?  From our first meeting over craft beer, we knew they were going to be a blast to work with.  Later on came an email about a Mechanical Bull.  Yep - one just like you see at the local bar.  Sure, that sounds like an awesome photo-op!  Then came the t-shirts in the mail: "Wedding Photographer, what's your Super Power?" with the SpiderMan logo on them.  Get it?  Peter Parker was a Photographer!  The even deeper connection was that Sony produced the last SpiderMan film and we shoot with Sony cameras. It was meant to be!  Then we finally get to the day of the wedding. The "Bridesmaids Assembled" in their custom Avenger tank tops...so we felt like we were a part of the day, not "just the Wedding Photographers." The weather was spectacular and the venue was even more beautiful than we remembered from their Engagement Session we did there. If you are looking for a stunning Barn/Pond/Rustic venue in the Harrisburg area, we seriously recommend you give Wind in the Willows in Grantville, PA a look. Since the Bride decided to schedule her wedding during the Penn State game (her dad's words...not ours lol), they made arrangements to have the game on for everyone during cocktail hour.  We are...totally committed Penn State fans!  We met with Melissa & Ryan last week for their photo viewing at our Studio. We loved watching their reactions to all the little things they missed during their day...and the photos we captured of the Bride's parents riding the Mechanical Bull.  Congrats to the new Mr & Mrs Pattison! Thank you for including us in your special day. 

Sam & Jenn Wedding, Gettysburg, PA

Sam and Jenn were married on June 10, 2017 at the Gettysburg Battlefield Bed & Breakfast in Gettysburg, PA.   Remember that heat wave we had in June? Yeah, it was that weekend. The thermometer may have "only" said 85 degrees, but it felt like 100+. Nevertheless, we persisted...(and perspired).

As the sun started to set, we grabbed the newlyweds and went back outside to take some photos with the gorgeous sunset in the field behind the venue.  With a little help from one of the Groomsmen (Thanks Conner!) we were able to capture some fabulous images. 

Congrats Sam & Jenn!  Here's to many years of wedded (and air-conditioned) bliss!

Venue: Gettysburg Battlefield Bed & Breakfast, Gettysburg, PA

DJ: Then We Danced

Their full gallery can be found here:
Dennis Wedding Gallery
(You'll need the password from Sam or Jenn)